Wat de Britten écht bedoelen

Wat de Britten écht bedoelen
- Taalhumor

Tussen wat Britten zeggen en wat ze echt bedoelen zit soms een hemelsbreed verschil. Kijk maar naar de hilarische ‘vertalingen’ op de populaire Twitteraccount Very British Problems. Bij voorkeur uit te spreken met een ‘stiff upper lip’. ;-)


- “It’s not quite what I had in mind." 
Vertaling: “What the bloody hell is this?”

- “I’ll see how I feel.”
Vertaling: “I won’t be there.”

- “Let’s come back to that.”
Vertaling: “Let’s never mention that again.”

- “Oh no, I couldn’t possibly.”
Vertaling: “I’ve already eaten 87 biscuits tonight.”

- “It’s not very nice out there."
Vertaling: “The car’s underwater and the dog’s blown away.”

- “Sorry I missed your call.”
Vertaling: “Sorry I ignored your call.”

- “But it’s Christmas.”
Vertaling: “I’m going to drink all the drinks and eat everything I see.”

- “Look, let’s just forget it.”
Vertaling: “I will remember this until my dying day.”

- “I feel a bit rough actually.”
Vertaling: “I think I might be dead.”

- “I’m off to bed.”
Vertaling: “I’m off to stare at my phone in bed.”